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Albert einstein life story

Albert Einstein life story:

albert einstein life story: The birth of Einstein (March 14, 1879) in a Jewish family clinging to a small town in Germany. Father was Ingenier. Sometimes the boys would bring toys to the boy. It was not possible to realize the diverse character of child Einstein that day his parents, his teachers. There were complaints from the school’s academics at times. The boy behind the study, unmanned Anmona. None of the classes were with him. Everyone at the end of the bench used to sit at the bottom.

His only companion is his mother. To him, the best artists in the world learn different tunes. And he took the tune in the fiddle. This violin was Einstein’s paternal grandmother. Einstein did not get a bigger chance than his father. He was busy with his own factory. His life very happy

School History

During those days filled with joy, the black came suddenly. Einstein first felt the bitter taste of life in that childhood. They were Jews. But the school had to comply with the rules of the Catholic religion.

All the environments in the school are tasteless to him. The book of philosophy was most fascinated by him. By the age of fifteen, he finished composing Kant, Spinoza, Euclid, Newton. Science, reading with philosophy, Goethe, Rock, Shakespeare. Bitophane, Moorer’s tunes grew in fertility during leisure. They were his companions, friends in his world

At this time, Baba’s business fell into a recession. He decided to leave Munich and go to Milan. If there is a change in luck. All leave Munich, Einstein alone remains there alone

Switched to a polytechnic school in Switzerland. For the first time, he passed the exam. The second attempt passed the exam passed.

albert einstein life story

The financial condition of the house is getting worse. Einstein felt that he had to accept responsibility for the family. He started his studies in physics and mathematics to receive his scholarship. After graduating from Zurich University, he started applying for teaching in various schools. She had more educational qualifications than many but did not find a job anywhere. Because of his crime, he was Jewish.

To begin with, Einstein started studying to go home and needed to spend the money. During this time, Einstein married her schoolmate Mileva Marak. Then he was only 22 Milleva was not just Einstein’s wife, but in fact, she was a life partner.

Einstein realized that he could not get the teacher’s job. He took Clark’s job in an office. The complex theoretical work of solving the scales on their own page. Dreamed about penetrating the mysteries of nature. His secret pursuit only told Mileva, “I am researching the place and time of this world nature”.

The study did not have any library in Einstein. His only resort was the book-pen and his extraordinary thinking.

Finally, his research ended his research. He was only 26 years old. One day, an article in the 30-page paper was published in Berlin’s famous scientific journal “Annalen der physic”. Einstein published five copies of this paper since 1901. In this essay, the current theme has been explained in new ways. Einstein’s name spread to the scientist. But there is no question of financial problems. He forced himself to study in the home.

On one hand, the work of the office, the love of Mellevar, and the scientific research on the other hand – finally, in 1905, four of his writings – the first was published in the light and the power of light. The second is the nature of the shape of the atom. Third, the theory of evolution of the browser movement. Fourth is the theory of his famous relativity. In the world of science, a new horizon has manifested. This relativity refers to the relation between an object or something else. Einstein said, when we measure time or place, then we need to compare it with other things. He says the light is universal, black and dimension relative.

There is only one speed in our universe that is not relative, it does not compare with any other speed – this speed is the speed of light. This speed never changes.

This time Einstein was invited from Zurich University. Here he was given the honorary doctorate title. After that, his call came from Germany’s Salzburg conference. Einstein published his essay in front of world-renowned scientists. He said, at the next stage of theoretical physics progression, we will find a theory that can bind the molecule and wave theory of light.

In response to Einstein’s remarks, Scientist Planck said that there was still time to think about what Einstein was thinking. In response, Einstein discusses the E = mc2 origin of his special theory of relativity and how much he is trying to prove, how true it is.

In 1908, the post of new theoretical physics was created at Zurich University. Einstein’s classmate Frederick Adler was nominated for this post under political pressure. Frederick joined the new post and found that he was appointed instead of Einstein for this position. He told the authorities there is no one more qualified than Einstein for this position. My knowledge of him is insignificant.

University authorities also realized the importance of Frederick’s words. Finally, in 1909, Einstein resigned from the job of his patent office and took full proficiency in teaching. Hire the house to come to Zurich.

Einstein and Cleric, professor. But before the payroll was 4500 francs, yet still. But the lecture fees are slightly more.
Professors at the University are familiar with many people, with great scientists. At that time the call came from Prague in Germany. He was given an appointment letter as a professor of physics at the German University. Pay more than ever. Besides, the vast library will be available for research in Prague. In 1911, Einstein came to Prague in the family. A few months ago his second son was born.

Finally, long-awaited University of Zurich, Eul Einstein He left Prague in 1922 and left Zürich. Madam Kuri came here to spend the holiday here, along with two daughters. Between two scientists, sweet friendships were formed. Going on the hilly road, Madam Kuri explains the radioactivity and Einstein said that his theory of relativity. One day, it was so difficult to talk about his theory, Einstein was rolling in the hole in the hole. Seeing that Mary Kuri’s two daughters burst out laughing. Einstein joined with them to rise from the hole and smile with them.

At that time, the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute was founded in Berlin city under the patronage of Kaiser. There is no science anywhere in the world of research. Plank, Earnest, Herrr and more famous scientists joined here. But if there is no Einstein that everything will be incomplete. He was invited.

Einstein came to Berlin When Einstein left Berlin, he was fifteen years old. Twenty years later, he came back to his own town. Meet people with known-known people. The best is to come back to the remote sister. Elsewhere, Einstein was fascinated by the adventures of Einstein. Friendship was formed in a very short time.

Ever since Einstein had the habit of digitizing there. Sometimes on the floor of the house, sometimes on the table. When the table is filled, sitting on the ground sitting on the chair.

The more concentrated the study was, Einstein became more indifferent to the world. The relationship with wife lever was not going well. Mileva was gradually being suspect. With two boys went to Switzerland. A few months passed and Mileva did not return.

Meanwhile, the first world war started. Most of the scientists were involved in the war. Einstein was shocked to see the horrors of this war. Already, Einstein was upset with his family’s loneliness and lost his wife.

At this time Elsa stood beside the sick Einstein. Einstein was recovering steadily from the tireless care of Einstein.

He decided that the relation with Milleva cannot last long. Finally, they got divided between them. Einstein married Elsa.

Meanwhile, the war ended. Kaiser fell. The establishment of the new German Republic

Einstein’s theoretical theory has not been proven yet. English scientists came forward. Several photos of the solar eclipse were taken. The picture was checked by the light left. Scientists burst into tears. People are going beyond the boundaries of their knowledge. Finally, on 6th November, the Royal Society of England declared that the breakthrough was invented, the light was shaken. Newton’s theory of this turning does not exist. The turn of the light is in the form of the relativity of Isetan.

Humorous Einstein made a joke about this revolutionary discovery, saying that my relativistic theory proved to be true. This time Germany will say I’m German and French will say I’m world-class. But if my theory was false then the French would say I was German and the Germans say I’m Jewish.

One day a young journalist said, you can briefly say what is the relative theory?

Einstein joked, “When a man tells an hour with beauty, he thinks he should be sitting for a minute. But when he is given a minute to stand on hot water, he thinks he is standing for an hour. This is the relative theory.

Due to the absurdity of the complexity of the relative theory, some of the narrative stories spread. One day a beautiful girl introduced the Church Father with her boyfriend. The next day when the girl went to the Father, Father called on her and said, “I love your lover all the way except without a matter.” The girl curiously asked, what is the matter? Father said, he has no sense of humor. I asked him about the theory of Einstein’s theory and he started to explain it to me. The girl broke up and laughed.

George, a famous American government, told one of his friends, “A man has been thinking about one thing for twenty years, and wondered if he thought it would be surprising that only three pages were published. The friend replied, “It must have been printed in very small letters.

Einstein went to America, journalists surrounded him. One asks, can you explain the relative theory in one word? Einstein replied, no, no.

Nowadays women are discussing so much about the relative theory? Einstein laughed laughing, girls always like something new – this year’s new thing is the relative theory.

Eventually, the elite scientist’s best prize in life. For some time the Nobel Committee was thinking of awarding the Nobel Prize to Einstein. But doubt was in the declaration of the Nobel itself. He went on to say that the inventor will receive the Nobel Prize in Physics and that Abhishek takes the benefit of the people. While Einstein argued that his relativistic theory was a breakthrough, he would not be able to use it directly.

Then it is possible to call his photo as a direct discovery in electric effect or photochemical. And its direct use is to declare “Service to the theory of physics, especially for the fLaw of the Photo Electric Effect”.

Einstein sent him the full amount of the Nobel Prize in accordance with the condition of his divorce with his first wife, Mileva. America was repeatedly calling for lectures. Finally, in December 1930, he went to the United States, there was an honorary honor of Pelin. Not just America, when you go to the country where you get to honor and love.
Meanwhile, homeland Germany gradually became a manuscript to Einstein. On the one hand, his achievements were recognized by some scientist and jealousy; on the other hand, Hitler’s arbitrariness led to a nationwide outgrowth of nationalism. Jews became increasingly hated as second-class citizens. Einstein realized that he was not at all comfortable in Germany. But where will you go? The call comes from different countries. Finally decided to go to Princeton of America.

The deportation of Jews from Germany started. Einstein realized that it was time for him to go. First came to England. From here on July 7, 1934, in America, Then his age was fifty-five.

Princeton authorities became worried about the safety of Einstein. Who can tell if the group of assailants will not reach the US beyond the sea? So he was kept in a secret place. The address of the house was not informed by anyone, the decree kept the phone down. After a while, the phone rang again. I’m Einstein, I’ve forgotten both the house number and the road. If you please, please.

This is a strange phenomenon, that a person can not remember the address of his home, he finds the address of the world’s mysteries.

In fact, the home monk came to life in the northwest and became Einstein. Children are his favorites than older people. Forget about them when they go. Christmas Eve of Imagination to Children Wear the coat, the tie, the jacket is that. Sloppy pants and throat-eaters sweater, big hair on the head, poke beard, that mustache in the face. Forget half a day for cutting a beard. When you remember that the soap cut off the beard and rubbed the beard. If someone asks, why do you cut beard with soap soaked? Einstein would answer, what is the use of using two types of soap. Not only for the oppressed Jews, but they were horrified to think about the future of mankind. He supported those who are fighting against the war, regardless of their identity. He believed that one-day people will forget about the destruction of this destruction. And people will be able to find their religion only in one another.

This religious consciousness to Einstein does not bind boundaries in any conventional fashion. He believed that religion is a manifestation of humanity. Science can not only answer “what” or “why” or “what should be” he can not answer. On the other hand, religion can only evaluate people’s work and thoughts. He may determine the goal of human life, but science tells the path of reaching that goal. … so science without religion and science without science is blind.

Humanist Einstein was struggling for peace on the one hand, on the other hand, discovering the mystery of nature was inventing one theory after another. During this time, he spent most of his time trying to reconcile gravity and power magnetic field. He had an important role in the development of quantum mechanics, but he did not have full confidence in the potentially based role of this theory.

In 1936, the wife Elsa suddenly became ill. For the past sixteen years, Elsa was Einstein’s worthy companion, her happiness and sorrow companion.

Einstein understands all but helplessly he just wants to. Finally, in 1936 Elisa left Einstein’s, favorite darling. Einstein broke down temporarily by this emotional blow.

At this time the possibility of nuclear power became bright. Everyone could understand the horror of this energy. The test showed that the most convenient metal for generating nuclear power is uranium. And this uranium is only available in the Congo belt. Congo belongs to Belgium. Scientists have become panicky if they fall into the hands of the Germans, they will not be able to delay the moment for making nuclear bombs. Secret news is found in the German scientists have been doing a lot of research.

Einstein realized that his equation was going to be proved. The slight variation is available through immense energy. Einstein wrote, “I could not think of this power being found in my lifetime”.

Meanwhile, the German army has been moving fast In World War II, allied scientists realized that it was necessary to create atom bombs to win the war. And it must be made before Germany. Altogether, the Americans petitioned President Roosevelt.

Although the application was signed by Einstein, he was not directly or indirectly involved in the creation of a nuclear bomb in America.

In the end, he wanted this research to happen. He told the scientist Max Bourne that to sign the petition for the creation of a nuclear bomb, it is the biggest mistake.

After dismantling the atom bomb in Japan, troubled Einstein wrote, “Nuclear power will be a very early blessing in human life – perhaps indirectly it will do it. Fearing fear, mankind will introduce specific rules and regulations for their mutual relationship. Without fear, people would never be able to proceed to peace.

His new theory was published in 1950 (A generalized theory of gravitation) the universal theory of gravitation. Very few people who could understand that theory are so complex.

When scientists asked him to discuss his new theory, he told Dakota, it can be discussed twenty years later.

After the Second World War, the new Jewish state, Israel, was developed. Einstein was invited to be the President of the new state.

Einstein said, the nature of the theory does not understand anything, but people do not understand politics. Apart from that, the position of the President is only for the sake of decoration. He may never support his conscience, which he can not believe.

Life was coming to an end, at this time English mentor Bertrand Russell’s request started writing a draft for world peace. But he could not finish.

His life ended on April 18, 1995. According to his wish, the body was burnt to ashes. He can be seen that his brain was taken to a laboratory for examination. There was no other word about it.


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