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The Truth About Guglielmo Marconi Life History Is About To Be Revealed.

The Truth About Guglielmo Marconi Life History:

The wonderful discoveries of science include telephones, gramophone, radio, film televisions, automobiles, and airplanes. The most amazing invention of these is the radio. A person’s voice can be heard from any part of the world on the other side of the world. The Marx Guglielmo Marconi, the inventor of this radio, was born on April 25, 1874, in the city of Bolonia. His father was a wealthy Italian mother in Ireland.

Guglielmo Marconi

Guglielmo Marconi invention: 

Before the discovery of this radio, before the birth of Marconi, scientific work was done to send sounds and sounds to the sky in the air before birth. In 1864, the talented scientist of mathematics James Clark Maxwell said that the power wave was present. Sadly, because Maxwell’s not being proved by this test, no one respected his theory but rather ridiculed him.

However, the famous: German physicist Henrique Rudolph Harge came to recognize the theory of George. The discovery of the discovery was very popular between 1887 and 1889, many scientists studied on radio waves Started doing Among them are Alivevar Naze of England, Alexander of Alexander, Popov, Jagdish Chandra Bose of India, Satyen Bose and many other scientists, Augusto Rigi of Italy, was a student of physics at Bologna University, Richey was a young man Marco. During the discovery of George, Marconi was 15 years old. From that point on, he understood the problem

1895 would sit:

So from that time he thought about this matter The house was a wealthy boy is the son’s education at home from .1895 would sit in the house all the equipment started work on Kalanpuraya first only effective method to create the wireless signal. With this, he can send radio broadcast one mile away.

Sedaka’s chief engineer: In 1896, he could send the radio in a distance of two miles, Marconi told the Italian government about his discovery. But the Italian government despised him, that year he came to England to patent his machine. He was introduced to Sedaka’s chief engineer. He showed them radio messages for up to ten miles.

This led to the fact that

This led to the fact that the Italian government recognized the value of Marconi. So he immediately invented Marconi and established so many radio stations. Radio broadcasting can be sent to the ship of twelve miles away. The distances continue to increase, with scientists also understanding the beginning and future prospects.

Marconi discovered his invention in front: In 1897, Marconi discovered his invention in front of Emperor Lambert and Queen Margherita in Italy. At the same time, he was made a radio station. In 1899, ordinary people became aware of the discovery of Marconi. Because in the same year, an air sign in the collision with a steamer was going down in the ship, at that time the radio was sent to the lighthouse, as well as sending the boat to save the life of sailors. After that, the English channel was able to send the radio to the other side. He succeeded on December 12, 1901.

wireless device was further improved: In 1905, the wireless device was further improved. All the difficulties of wireless subscriber device are eliminated. Between 1911 and 1934, the process of sending wireless communications has improved. Between 1895 and 1935, Marconi received many rewards and honors. In 1901, she won the Nobel Prize in Physics. She was awarded “The US.” She died in 1937.

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