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History Of The University Of Chicago

History Of The University Of Chicago 2019

History Of The University Of Chicago It was founded in 1891 by John D. Rockefeller and held it’s first classes in October 1892, one year after Stanford. It is necessary to know the social environment of the time because when scientific philanthropy is born, that is, systematic, an essential tradition in American culture, not only has lasted until the present, but the continuous form has been strengthened. The origin of the universities.

History Of The University Of Chicago
In the peak period of laissez-faire capitalism :

In the peak period of laissez-faire capitalism, at the end of the 19th century, unimaginable fortunes had been made. Some potent built summer palaces in Newport, Rhode Island, of extravagant luxury (“summer cabins” they called them). The Vanderbilt used $11 million then ($170 million in 1996) to build and furnish theirs. On a memorable night, the Ballroom of the Palace of the Virgins gleams with the uniforms of a historical record and the decorations of the diplomatic corps. However, I have not had any official or diplomatic language: it is a group of actors hired by Vanderbilt’s wife to please her husband, who has gone madded and thought him was the Prince of Wales. When Nicholas ii’s brother-in-law visited Newport, he confessed that he had never imagined such luxury could exist. [one]

Throughout his life :

But not all potentates were the same. John D. Rockefeller was a very complex man. In the expression of his biographer, Chernow, it was “an implausible mixture of sin and holiness.” [2] In his years as a company captain, as the founder of Standard Oil, he was a public enemy of unionism, and relentless in the struggle with his competitors, until Standard Oil monopolized the oil industry. Of deep religious convictions (Evangelical Baptist era) always detached from the ostentation, never had a year, purebred horses, nor a life of society. He built several mansions, in which we enjoyed family life, and his love of golf. Throughout his life, he had done charitable works that he personally controlled. However, in the future, he has realized that personal charities cannot achieve anything important. He retired from the management of Standard Oil, and other businesses at age 58, and during his 40 years of retirement, he devoted himself to philanthropy. It created scientific philanthropy (IE), that is, the planning and systematic execution of the same use of control centers with management methods and analogous to those of a company.

True to his word :

Another powerful contemporary of Rockefeller, Dale Carnegie, a Scottish immigrant and founder of the United States Steel, published an essay entitled “Wealth” that received great influence, both in the United States and in England. Carnegie postulated that it was necessary to put an end to savage capitalism, and the chasm between the big businessmen, and the oppressed workers. To distribute the economic benefits, arguments, benefits, human rights, human rights and noble people, and the right to fortunes, parents, and women. He left a memorable phrase: “he who dies rich dies in disgrace.” True to his word, of the $400 million of his fortunes, he donated $350 million to philanthropic works, among which stands out the construction of 2,800 public libraries in the United States, England, Europe, Africa, and Fiji. He left $20 million for a foundation for peace, and another $30 million to secure annuities for people who had been in his service, friends, etc. Rockefeller was greatly influenced by Carnegie’s example and, when the first Carnegie library was opened in Pittsburgh in 1896, he sent his greeting: “.. you can be sure that you have a good future.

Their struggle :

The interested reader can consult Chernow for information on the dark side of Rockefeller’s life, such as the standard oil monopoly and his information for justice; Their struggle against unionism, the indirect cause of the massacre of Ludlow, Colorado, in 1914, when two women and once the children were suffocated by smoke from the tent fire in which they are hiding, tragedy occurred in the Means of a confrontation Armed during a strike of miners, who have been expelled from the homes of the mining company controlled by Rockefeller.


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