Prophet muhammad biography

Prophet muhammad biography Born :-

If no greatness was created then nothing on this surface would have been created, whose walk was blessed by millions of worlds; The deep faith and love of God, the holiness of the heart, the greatness of the soul, patience, forgiveness, honesty, humility, benevolence, humility, depository, good taste.Full attitudes, honesty, generosity and strong piety were characterized by its character; Who was at one place orphaned as an affectionate friend, loving as a husband, as a father’s affectionate friend, as a partner; Who was a successful businessman, visionary reformer, justice judge, great politician and successful statesman; He is the all-time greatest and greatest great savior of the world, Muhammad (peace be upon him). He had once appeared on the earth when the political, economic, social,
cultural, moral and religious conditions of Arabia had fallen to the extreme decline.

He was born in the womb of mother :-

He was born in the womb of mother Amein of the Quraish dynasty of Mecca in the Arabian city on Sunday, 12 Rabiul Awwal Rose, on 29 August 570, 570. Father Abdullah died after 5 months of his birth. According to the custom of the Arab elite family, he was entrusted with responsibility for the maintenance and maintenance of Bani Halimar of Bani Saad tribe. At this time, Bibi Halima had another son, whose milk was not finished yet. Bibi Halima states, “Child Muhammad used to drink only my right breast milk. Even if I wanted to give him milk on my left breast, he would never drink milk from the left breast. He left the milk of my left breast for his other brother. He had this rule till the last day of drinking milk. “He showed great ideals of justice and equality in his childhood. He was under the care of midwife mother Halima for just 5 years. Then came back to my mother Amena’s house. At the age of sixteen, he went to Madina with his mother Amena to visit his father’s grave while returning from Arriba Medina, Mother Amena died at the place of ‘Mahatrava’.

prophet muhammad biography

Then the responsibility of celebrating :-

Then the responsibility of celebrating the orphan Muhammad (s 🙂 is gradually overdue on the grandfather Abdul Motalib and uncle Abu Talib. The greatest greatness of the world has emerged as the mercy of the whole universe; He is the Aadhan orphan and through pain of sorrow, he is created as a truthful, generous and trustee. For his character, depository and authenticity, the unbelievers of Arrib gave him the title
of ‘Al Ameen’, meaning ‘Believer’. Anarchy, disorder, murder, warfare etc. were the casual matters in the then-Arab era. On seeing the horrors and violations of ‘Hareeb Fuzzar’, the boy Muhammad was very sad and in 584 AD, at the age of only 14 years, his uncle Jubair and some young people accompanied with help to helpless and
afflicted people and peace, A Social Welfare Organization named ‘Hilful Fujul’ was formed on the basis of establishment of discipline and brotherhood. There is evidence that boy Muhammad (peace be upon him) will be the forerunner of peace in the future.

The young man, who was fascinated by the honesty :-

The young man, who was fascinated by the honesty, faithfulness, thought, action, skill and right of Muhammad, then the rich and widowed woman of Arabia, Bibi Khadija bint Khuilayed, proposed to get married. At that time, Bibi Khadija was 40 years old and Muhammad (S 🙂 was 25 years old. He accepted the offer of Bibi Khadija with
the consent of uncle Abu Talib. After marriage, BB Khadiza handed over his wealth to Muhammad (S :). But in view of the injustice, injustice, injustice, falsehood and wickedness of the unbelievers of the time of the disbelievers of Arabia, the polytheists, the Jews of Islam, and other religions, the heart of Muhammad (peace be upon them) was filled with sorrow, and in the world how justice and justice can be established. Often, there were meditators in the cave of ‘Hira’, far away from Mecca. Bibi Khadiza realized the great talent and great personality of her husband, and Muhammad (peace be upon him) had always given full opportunities to remain meditated in the cave of Mount Hera. Gradually, when he was 40 years old, he received Prophethood, and the first few verses of Surah Alak in the Holy Qur’an were revealed to him. Then in 23 years of full length, according to the various events and needs of the Qur’an Sharif is revealed.

After receiving the Prophecy :-

After receiving the Prophecy, for the first 3 years, he secretly campaigned for Islam in his family and relatives. Bibi Khadija (RA 🙂 is the first to accept Islam. Then when he publicly started preaching Islam and declared, ‘la-ilaha illhallahu Muhammad Rasulullah’, then the Quraish disbelievers of Makkah began to oppose him. The Prophet (peace be upon him) had long been known to the Quraish as ‘Al Ameen’; After the announcement of Kanti, he is a magician and madman in the language of the Quraish infidels. Since the Qur’an was revealed in Arabic and Arabic was also Arabic, then they could understand the meaning of Muhammad’s message. They realized that
Muhammad (peace be upon him) was promoting what is not a common word. If it is accepted, then the power of their power will not survive. So they are Muhammad (peace be upon him) to different fears, fears, threats; Even the richest and most beautiful young women in Arabia started showing greed for women. Muhammad (sa) announced among the conspiracies and fears of the disbelievers, “If the sun and the moon are left in my right hand, I will not refrain from preaching the truth.” There is no greed for the infidels, Islam could not stop the point of propaganda. The people of Makkah who believe in God’s unity by abandoning paganism and idol worship

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