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Top 10 university in USA

Top 10 university in USA :

Top 10 universities in the USA The diversity of cultures and cities in the United States is an invitation to expand your academic horizons. A large number of world-class universities is a key factor that makes the US the main destination for studying English and postgraduate studies. International students recognize and value the academic quality of the USA. and the complete comprehensive curriculum offered by its institutions.

 Harvard University:

Harvard University, the oldest within the United States and where the Facebook social network was born, is a private institution founded in 1636. It offers bachelor’s degrees and postgraduate degrees at the master’s and doctoral level. The student population has approximately 6,650 undergraduate and 13,000 graduate students. The faculties of Harvard are:

Harvard University
Faculty of Arts and Sciences (which includes the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences)

  • School of Medicine
  • School of Dentistry
  • Faculty of Theology
  • law School
  • Faculty of Business
  • School of Design
  • Faculty of Pedagogy
  • School of Public Health

The artists are very welcome in this institution because it has a large number of theater and dance groups as well as a number of musical groups ranging from a symphony orchestra to sets of strings and winds, choir, choral, concert band, marching band, and jazz ensemble. Harvard also offers scholarships for students of high performing artists and athletes, who enjoy facilities to practice their favorite sports and have the opportunity to enter any of the many teams that distinguish the university.
The Harvard library is an important research point and is known as one of the best in the nation. It has more than 15 million items, is the largest national academic library and the fourth “mega-library” in the world, after the Library of Congress of the US, the British Library and the National Library of France

Princeton University :

One of the eight universities of the well-known Ivy League network, Princeton University has been in New Jersey since 1746. It is a private institution with some 250 student organizations and is number one in terms of the flexibility of its 46 study programs interdisciplinary In addition, it offers students study options with new technologies such as webinars and virtual courses.

Princeton University

More than 5,500 students study at Princeton each year in at least one of its more than 50 concentration camps, including Latin American Studies. It offers undergraduate degrees in Arts or Sciences in different fields, as well as graduate degrees in Humanities, Social Sciences, Ordinary Sciences, and Engineering. Candidates for Ph.D. They can devote themselves to research in a wide range of programs that include: Mathematics, Earth Sciences, Philosophy, Religion, Sociology, Physics, Music, Classics, and Psychology.

Yale University :

Rival par excellence of the University of Harvard, the University of Yale is another private institution that exists since 1701. Some 5,500 students enrolled in undergraduate courses every year. Under his authorship is the oldest university humor magazine in the nation, “Yale Record.” In addition, very different from other universities, Yale is distinguished by the number of secret societies that exist in it and in its environment.

Yale University

Yale has more than fifteen faculties. Among these, the best known are the professional schools of Law, Business Administration, Medicine, Art, and Nursing. The most recognized graduate programs in the world are: The School of Drama, The School of Environmental Studies and The School of Forestry

Columbia University :

The University of Columbia was founded in 1754 as Kings College and is located in New York. The university includes two main campuses: one in the Morningside Heights neighborhood and the other in Washington Heights. The university consists of three undergraduate schools, thirteen graduate and professional schools, and a continuing education school. The research is carried out in the fields of medicine, science, arts, and humanities. Academic programs are offered in the fields of arts and sciences, administration, medicine, journalism, social work, law, nursing, and public health.

Columbia University

According to CNN, Columbia University was the most expensive in the Ivy League (the league of eight private universities in the United States that stand out for their academic excellence) for the 2016-2017 period. The annual cost of tuition, additional costs, accommodation, and food is above the 45,370 dollars that, on average, private universities charge. However, the university grants very generous scholarships that amount to 47,043 dollars. In addition, it promises that those students whose families have an income lower than 60,000 dollars a year will not have to pay anything.

California Institute of Technology:

The California Institute of Technology, based in California, was founded in 1891. Its student body is about 2,100 students. Their study programs are grouped into different divisions, namely, Biology, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Engineering and Applied Science, Geology and Planetary Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences,

California Institute of Technology

Mathematical Physics and Astronomy; and interdisciplinary programs. Guarantees on-campus housing for all undergraduate and first-year graduate students.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T.):

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology admitted its first students in 1865. It is located next to Cambridge from the basin of the Charles Basin River. The ITM or its acronym in English MIT is accredited by the Association of Schools and Colleges of New England. The diverse schools and faculties that compose them and offer the programs of study are

top 10 university in usa

the School of Architecture and Urbanism, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences, the School of Sloan Management, School of Sciences and the Faculty of Sciences of Whitaker Health and Technology. The MIT campus has 6 campuses offering accommodation for students

Stanford University:

Stanford University in 1891 opened its doors to students after six years of planning and construction, the university is located in Stanford, California. The faculties and schools of the university include the Faculty of Humanities and Sciences, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Earth Sciences, Faculty of Education, School of Business, Stanford Law School and the Stanford University School of Medicine.

These schools grant graduate degrees and undergraduate degrees in various areas. Stanford was founded by Leland Stanford, railroad tycoon, US senator, and former governor of California, along with his wife Jane Lathrop Stanford. It was named after his only son, Leland Stanford Jr., who died in 1884 of typhoid fever shortly before his 16th birthday. His parents decided to create an institution that would serve the children of California.

University of Chicago:

The University of Chicago opened its doors in 1892 and is located in Chicago, Illinois. Currently, around 14 thousand 721 students are enrolled there. It grants Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees in biological and physical sciences, social sciences, humanities, and interdisciplinary areas. It offers masters programs in Divinity, Business Administration, etc. All the academic programs are taught through their schools/colleges: Business Graduate School, Public Policy Studies, School of Law, Medicine and Social Services Administration.

top 10 university in usa
According to CNN, a way to know if it is worth the cost of a university is to analyze how the graduates have gone with the payment of their loans. And, in this case, the University of Chicago has good news. Less than 1% of those who went into debt to study here failed to complete their credits in the first three years after graduating.
On average, the students left the university with a debt of $ 12,500 and a monthly fee of $ 128, according to government records. Although, some may also have acquired private loans.

Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania:

This public university was established in 1839 and is located in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania. It accommodates almost 8 thousand 570 students and offers undergraduate courses in art, science, computer science, theater, economics, communication studies, security studies, clinical laboratory sciences, earth sciences,

Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania

French language and literature, Spanish and German; health and physical education, childhood education and biological sciences. It also grants master’s degrees in accounting, commerce, audiology, art history, business administration and management, science and education

Duke University :

Duke University was founded in 1924 and is headquartered in Durham, North Carolina. It is a private research institution with some 12,991 registered students. It operates through various institutes: Asia / Pacific Studies, Institute of Genome and Political Sciences, John Hope Franklin Humanities Institute, Kenan Institute for Ethics, Social Sciences Research Institute and Terry Sanford Public Policy Institute.

Duke University

The academic programs are offered in the areas of Arts and Sciences, Law, Medicine, Nursing, Environment, and Earth Sciences. The university is a member of the Association of American Universities, an association that, since 1900, brings together the universities of elite research in the United States of America and is recognized worldwide for its academic excellence in both undergraduate and postgraduate training, but also for the impact of research developed in its various research centers and institutes

Top 10 University In The World



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