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when was jesus born

when was jesus born when was jesus born:

when was jesus born God that is on him, and it begins to appear in the day. Isha’s mother, Icha, joined every year in the festival of Eid in Eid. At the age of 12 years of age, the Prophet (peace be on him) started getting full spiritual knowledge of religion with great scholars and scholars in Arabia. At the age of thirty years he received ‘revelation’ from Allah and started preaching prophetically.

when was jesus born

Prophet Yahya Bibi was the brother :-

Prophet Yahya Bibi was the brother of Mariam’s cousin. He used to preach the people on the bank of the Yardan River. The Prophet (As) started to scratch there. Since the introduction of the introduction, the incidences have been released. He began to show many miracles as evidence of his Prophethood. He made the birds with soil, blowing his eyes, giving sight to the blind, giving speech to the dumb, healing the leprosy, walking on the water, etc. His majjja was there.

Because of his spiritual strength:-

Because of his spiritual strength, many patients get healing. Many people get religious scholarship. The first to help those who believed in the hadith of the Prophet (peace be upon him), had been called ‘Havari’. They always used to be with the Prophet (peace be upon him). When Prophet Ichah was a prophet, the Jewish religious leaders were very lax in the time. The hypocrite entered instead of their true religious feelings.

Among them only the: –

Among them only the outer cover of religion was left. Hadrat Isha (AS) was against it. He used to strongly criticise Jewish religious leaders in his Wajah lecture. In this, the Jewish evangelists of that armour became the fierce enemy of Hadrat Ite (A). But the message of Hadith was the message of Allah. It was so heartwarming that his heart was attracted to the one who listened. The malicious Jewish priests could not capture Hadrat Icha (AS) in any case. They engaged in trying to convict Prophet Ichah for his cruelty.

Hadrat Isha Allah be pleased with him: –

Hadrat Isha (Allah be pleased with him) said in the most beautiful love of Allah Allah has said to him. In the same way, the two Jewish scholars have made many words about the violence of two more exemplary sentences. In this way, they gave the fatwa to Hadrat Ichah as a disbeliever. The death penalty is the only punishment for those crimes. In the country there was the rule of the Rumiyaan. In those days, no one had the right to execute death except for a king. So they started spreading slander against the Prophet (peace be upon him) in the ears of the emperor.

Prophet Ichha used:-

Prophet Ichha used to mention the King of the Most High during his speech. This gave the enemy a chance. They turned away the interpretation of the kingdom of the kingdom and made allegations against the hadith of the Prophet (peace be upon him). Seeking to seize him secretly.

Like the fate of the fate, the Haori party was in the company of Icha (A) and remained faithful, they are now spies. One of those hawddis was named Yahahd. Taking a bribe of three takers from the enemies, he handed Hadrat Ichah to Rumiya Soldiers.

Among the Hawaris :-

among the Hawaris, Peter was a close and main companion, to save himself from the crime of sedition, he disclosed his identity in the court of the Emperor and there is no relation with Hadrat Ite (A). Hadrat Ichha was captured and by the state he was executed. At that time there was no system of execution at the time of death penalty. The execution was done with the help of deceit.

The shape of the deity is that:-

The shape of the deity is that – a long wooden part of the wood and one of the woods was covered in the horizontal. The culprit would have been hanged in such a way that the attachment of the criminals’ surface of the ground was kept on the ground. Nailed to both sides of the horizontal wood with two hands detailing. Some of the knees and nails were made to be wooded. In this situation, hunger-thirst and pains would suffice to die. Hadrat icha (as) and was stabbed. The next day, on the day of the Jews, hanging on the cross of a criminal was not ruled by their religion. Hadrat Ichha was crucified at noon. The legs were not cut.

Yet he wiped out the pain:-

Yet he wiped out the pain and lost consciousness.He was harsh on his body. He was thought to be dead because of the Eid day when he was pulled out of the cross in the evening. He was sent to the graveyard and was buried.  A kind man raised him from the grave. Later he got the consciousness. Then he disappeared. The exact theory of how he went into hiding is not known. It is narrated in the Qur’an that he was not killed. He did not die on the cross. Rather it was thought like death, after that Allah took him from the earth. After 5 hundred years of his life, Hazrat Mohammad Mostafa (d.) Reported this world.

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